Our Specialties

Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

The division of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery in Raj Hospitals is a state of the art ultra modern facility that combines plastic surgery with ancillary disciplines in an effort to provide wholesome care to our patients. Whether you want to fix a life long flaw or look younger, our dedicated team of plastic and maxillofacial surgeons supported by cutting edge technology are committed to providing patients with the best possible care and unparalleled results in a natural and safe way.

We offer services like Brow Lift, Facial Implant (Chin, Cheek, Jaw), Wrinkle Filling, Lip Augmentation, Hair Restoration Surgery, Buttock/Thigh Lift, Liposuction etc. The surgeons, with the latest technology and their knowledge base and expertise lend you flawless appearance.

Dr. Om Prakash
Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Cardiac Sciences

Raj Hospitals’ expertise in cardiac care helps us in caring for patients with heart disease by providing complete all-round cardiology care. From diagnosis, prevention, treatment, surgical care to cardiac rehabilitation and wellness services. Our team of expert Cardiologists believe in carrying out an in-depth investigation of patient condition taking into account patient’s complete medical history, therefore strategizing a tailored treatment and top recovery plan for each.
Our Intensive Coronary Care Units (ICCUs) are managed and monitored round-the-clock by critical care specialists and intensivists, supported by highly trained paramedical and nursing teams.

Dr. D. Mohan
Dr. A. K. Sinha
Dr. R. R. Bhattacharya

Dental Care

Raj Hospitals has a dedicated, qualified and experienced team of practitioners who use the latest technology to give you aesthetically and functionally perfect teeth. We have trained assistants and efficient laboratory staff to ensure that the patients get the best of treatment and quality dental services. We provide a wide range of oral care, ranging from routine dental exams to complex reconstruction surgery and specialty dental services. The team of oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, implantologists, periodontist, orthodontist and dental hygienist provide high quality outcomes at affordable price.

Dr. Om Prakash


The department of Dermatology involves a wide range of services pertaining to medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. It entails the application of the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases in an atmosphere of compassion and respect.

Dr. Ranjana Chandra
Dr. R. S. Dwivedi

Ear Nose Throat

The department of ENT is equipped with the finest technology and the experienced & efficient manpower to provide the best possible facilities for the patients. It has advanced facilities for voice disorders, phonosurgery and laryngology.
The Department is well-equipped to take care of all Ear, Nose and Throat emergencies and has teams available round the clock to do so. The Department also provides audiology, voice and speech therapy as allied services.

Dr. B. N. Yadav
Dr. Samit Lal

Endocrinology & Diabetes

Endocrinology, the science of hormone, is one of the most rapidly evolving disciplines of medicine and encompasses a wide array of clinical conditions. The Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes is a full-fledged facility involved in evaluating and treating patients for diabetes, obesity and endocrine disorders. A dedicated team of Endocrinologists, Bariatric surgeons, Podiatrists, Diabetes educators, Ophthalmologists work together to provide patients with the advanced therapies in the care and management of complex endocrine diseases and diabetes.

Dr. Praveen Shankar
Dr. Sanjay Rai

Eye Care

At Raj Hospitals, we believe in specialized care that focuses on our patients’ needs. As a part of our endeavour to provide comprehensive services we have clinics that specialise in specific eye conditions. Being a part of Raj Hospitals, you can be rest assured of the quality of service, care and comfort that you will get.

Dr. A. K. Thakur
Dr. Abid Akhtar


The Department of Gastroenterology & Endoscopy at Raj Hospitals provides health care services to patients with diseases of the digestive system. We offer services in Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Gastro Intestinal Surgery. We offer Minimal Access surgical techniques, like Laparascopy and Endoscopy, which facilitate faster recovery, have fewer complications and need less post-surgical follow-up. We carry out advanced Laparoscopic, Biliary/Pancreatic, Colorectal Oncologic Procedures and are among the few Centres to offer scarless minimal access surgery options.

Our gastroenterology & endoscopy specialists diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the stomach, duodenum and small and large bowel (colon).The department provides services ranging from outpatient clinics to managing emergencies in our state of the art ICU.

Dr R.S. Das
Dr. Satish Midha

General Surgery

The Department of General and Minimally Invasive Surgery is a full-fledged healthcare facility providing complete evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical treatment for a wide variety of disorders.

Dr. D. Mishra
Dr. R. S. Das
Dr. Binay Kumar
Dr. Ashish Kumar

Intensive Care

Raj Hospitals has the best intensive care in Jharkhand. It has a dedicated team of resident and duty doctors and highly skilled nurses, technicians and compounders always available to take care of inpatients in Intensive Care Units (ICU), single or twin sharing rooms and general wards.

Intensive care units (ICUs) or critical care units are specialist hospital wards that provide treatment and monitoring for people in a critically ill or unstable condition. The aim is to provide comprehensive, accurate and optimum treatment to the facilitate wellness to all patients through medical expertise and technology. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment, this facility is dedicated to deliver the best critical care for both adults and children.

Dr. A. K. Sinha
Dr. A. K. Agarwal
Dr. R. K. Diwakar

Internal Medicine

This department prides itself in its state-of-the-art diagnostic services and comprehensive treatment. We combine patient-centred adult care of the highest quality along with physician expertise and the latest advances in medical technology. Right from providing patient care for certain nonspecific symptoms to treatment for other specific disease patterns, the department is a complete healthcare stop focusing on all round patient wellness.

Dr. D. Mohan
Dr. V. K. Srivastava
Dr. R. R. Bhattacharya
Dr. Yogendra Rai
Dr. A. K. Sinha
Dr. A. K. Agarwal

Laparoscopic/Minimal Access Surgery

Our group of general and minimally invasive specialists includes board-certified physicians that are fellowship trained in general and colorectal surgery. They are among the best in Eastern India and across the country. The surgeons provide complete evaluation, diagnosis, and surgical treatment for a wide variety of disorders. We have pioneered some of the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures while achieving the fewest complications, highest survival rates and best outcomes in the state.

A small sample of our medical focus includes acid reflux, hemorrhoids, gallbladder, thyroid and parathyroid disease, varicose veins, hernia repair, appendix removal, colon cancer, gastrointestinal disease and liver and pancreatic disease.

Dr. R. S. Das
Dr. Satish Midha
Dr. Ashish Kumar
Dr. R. K. Sharma


The Department of Nephrology & Dialysis Services at Raj Hospitals is one of the most advanced in the state. The department provides services in the areas of hypertension, chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and renal diseases, backed by state-of-the-art equipment. The department provides diagnostic, management and operative services to deliver total renal patient care for both adults and children.

Dr. A. K. Sinha


The department of Neurosciences has a dedicated team of doctors with the latest technology, which provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary care for disorders of brain and spine. Neurosciences is designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise and leadership in all major disciplines of neurosciences/neurosurgery through an integrated team of highly qualified neurologists, neurosurgeons and intervention neuro-radiologists to provide the best possible care for patients.

Dr. Prakash Chandra
Dr. Vijay Raj
Dr. YogendraRai
Dr. PrasenRanjan

Nutrition and Dietics

The department offers services like daily visits by dietician and diet planning of meals etc. to the inpatients.

Ms. Priyanka Kumari

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Obstetrics and Gynaecology is fully committed to deliver world-class health care services to women looking for gynecological solutions. It offers superior maternity and reproductive health care benefits and services with the help of renowned gynaecologists, sonologists, radiologists, psychological counselors. The objective is to promote healthy living for women by providing them complete support, care and empathy. Surgeries ranging from simple daycare procedures to the most advanced minimal invasive surgeries (Laparoscopic & Robotic) are undertaken with care, compassion and commitment.

Dr. Sabita Roy
Dr. RashmiRai
Dr. PushpaSinha
Dr. Nina Jha
Dr. Anil Kumar

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement Surgery

Raj Hospitals believes in low cost and state-of-the-art patient care. The aim of this department is early mobilization with the best treatment by our specialists, causing minimum discomfort to the patient. The facility is designed to provide the highest level of professional expertise and patient care in the department of Orthopedics.

Dr. S. P. Maitra
Dr. Deepak Verma
Dr. AlokRanjan


The department is dedicated to deliver complete, compassionate, state-of-the-art health care services for children from birth to sixteen years-of-age. It is a one stop childcare center where we provide paediatric medical services, surgical services, and immunisation services to children.

Dr. Ajay Ghosh
Dr. K. M. Saifulla
Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

This department focuses on recovery, health and wellness to fit patient’s individual needs. The aim is to amalgamate neurology, orthopaedic, cardiopulmonary and critical care facilities to take the patients on a path of quick recovery and good health. The staff at the centre is experienced and well trained to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services based on the advanced techniques and personalized care.

Dr Abhay


The Department of Psychiatry is committed to provide the highest level of comprehensive care to all those who seek world-class treatment from minor stress and interpersonal problems to major neurobehavoiural/neurocognitive and psychiatric problems. We provide psychological and psychiatric care for both inpatients and outpatients. Treatment is voluntary and individually tailored.

Dr. Anil Kumar


Pulmonary Medicine is the branch that deals with the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases affecting the lungs. Pulmonary Medicine deals with many diseases and conditions, including: ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, lung cancer, lung transplants, and various other conditions.
We have a team of experienced clinicians and scholars committed towards improving and providing excellent medical services to patients suffering from serious lung disease.

Dr Shyamal Sarkar


It is our mission to provide the best possible care for all diseases affecting the urinary system in a compassionate and timely manner. The hospital is committed to maintain the highest clinical governance standards and patient-centric care, incorporating the latest advances in the field of Urology.

Dr. R. K. Sharma